Home Energy Inspection

Energy Evaluations

Just seeing your monthly energy bill can be enough to get your blood pressure rising. At times you may read your bills and not understand where all your money is going. It is possible that your house is not properly retaining the warm air and there are drafts occurring throughout the house. The only way to find out if this problem is affecting you is with an energy efficiency inspection from Mr. Home Inspector.

Causes of heat loss

When winter comes along we all tend to turn the thermostat up. The furnace kicks in and the house should start to get warmer. Often times in homes there can be drafts and areas that are not properly insulated. This allows air from the outside to come in and the hot air, which you are paying for, to escape. What this means is that you end up turning up your thermostat even more to counter-act the heat loss. At the end of the month your bill will be much higher than it needs to be.

Where do the drafts come from?

These areas of heat loss can be caused by poor construction, where walls were not properly patched or insulated. Animals that find their way into your home and cause damage to the structure and insulation can cause this problem.

Home energy inspection

If you are concerned about your energy bill, or just looking for ways to improve your home’s efficiency, contact Mr. Home Inspector and we can perform a home inspection. As part of our home inspection we will use a thermal camera imaging to identify areas where heat is escaping. Through the thermal camera we can see areas that would be otherwise invisible to the naked eye. When problem area is identified we can attempt to determine the cause of the problem. We can inspect the perimeter of the house to find areas where rodents and animals are getting into the home and damaging the structure. At the end of our inspection you will receive a full report and have the information you need to increase your homes energy efficiency.

Appliance inspection

Part of energy efficiency also factors in the type of appliances that are used in your home. These include the stove, washer, dryer, refrigerator, and furnace. If these items are old or damaged, they could be leaking cold air, or not heating up properly. This will result in incrased gas and electric bills at the end of the month. We will be able to help you identify which appliances could be the cause of your high bills and what should be replaced. Replacing your appliances with energy efficient appliances is a wise investment that can end up in savings that exceed the cost of the purchase.

If you are unsure about your home’s efficiency, or concerned about your monthly bills contact Mr. Home Inspector at 1-877-837-3603. We can help you make sense of your bills, if they are normal or what could be the cause of an increase. An inspection by our home inspectors can help you save hundreds on your utility bills and keep that blood pressure down.