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Top 3 Problems Found During a Home Inspection

Most home sales are contingent upon a respectable home inspection to the buyers’ satisfaction. An experienced and qualified home inspector should find something that could be repaired, upgraded, or corrected in every home they inspect. Even in newly built homes issues can be found. We find there are a few items that are more commonly […]

10 Tips to Winterize your Home

Did you know that winterizing your home will prevent any damages and save you money? Is winterizing your home a foreign term to you? Don’t worry; you have come to the right place! Fall Equinox is the right time of year to start preparing your home for winter, because as the temperate beings to decline, […]

3 Home Inspection Outcomes for the Seller!

When selling your home the outcome of the home inspection can make or break the deal. The home inspection fully informs your prospective buyer about the state of your property and makes them aware of any issues they may inherit upon purchase. Here’s a look at three potential inspection outcomes and what each one means […]

“Operation Flood the Market!”

Have you seen our awesome custom Mr. Home Inspector water? If not, you are missing out and ask us how you can get your hands on some. If you have and want more, you know where to find them… anywhere one of our amazing team members are. These water bottles are all part of “Operation […]

Top 10 Latent Defects

You have just purchased your dream home. On your possession day you unpacked and turned on the coffee maker for the energy you need to make this house your home. The power went out in the entire house due to faulty electrical. Then within days you find out your main floor living room is infested […]

Vancouver Home Inspections

Vancouver is one of our favourite places to do home inspections.   With the beautiful surrounding mountains and fresh sea breeze from the neighboring ocean there is much to see and do. Buildings and homes date back to the early 1900’s for those people looking for a beautiful character home.   There are also many new condominiums […]

What’s included in an electrical inspection?

When it comes to powering the home, electricity is what makes it run. But while this technological discovery keeps our devices humming and our bodies warm, it is also very dangerous if it goes unmaintained. If you are worried about your homes electrical wiring or you are purchasing a new home, have an inspection done […]

Energy Evaluations

Just seeing your monthly energy bill can be enough to get your blood pressure rising. At times you may read your bills and not understand where all your money is going. It is possible that your house is not properly retaining the warm air and there are drafts occurring throughout the house. The only way […]

What’s included in a plumbing inspection?

One of the items that our home inspectors review during a home inspection is the plumbing. Pipes run throughout your home delivering water where you need it. While home plumbing is a fantastic innovation, it also has a down side; wood and water do not mix well. A leaking pipe in your home can create […]

Common Condo Inspection Issues

Condos are becoming more and more popular in the Fraser Valley. From Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, and Abbotsford, condo construction continues at a high pace. Condos are a great way for a young family to start a new home or those who don’t need the space of detached unit. But even if the condo is a […]