Hidden water leaks in ceiling

Heating & Cooling Inspection

As part of our condo, townhouse, and home inspections we review a home for heating and cooling vulnerabilities. This is a standard inspection item for us because of the critical importance for the resident’s comfort, wallet, and health.

Why Get A Heating & Cooling Inspection?

As part of our heating and cooling inspection we review the home’s roof, electrical, plumbing, ductwork, and stucco. These are critical areas where there can be a loss of heat and moisture vulnerability. When this heat loss occurs it can lead to big monthly bills for homeowners to regulate the temperature of their home. Drafts or other openings to the outside can cause heat loss to occur, and requires the homes heating and cooling system to run longer to achieve the target temperature. Vulnerabilities in these areas can also lead to moisture damage, which can result in further rot and extensive damage to the home. If this moisture is allowed to grow and the problem is not properly address, it may lead to big repair bills.

We perform a heating and cooling inspection of the home to identify areas where these vulnerabilities are occurring so they can be addressed as soon as possible. If problem moisture is not appropriately addressed, it will result in the growth of mold and ultimately potential health. Depending on the extent of the vulnerabilities, homeowners can make an educated decision before they purchase the home as to what it will cost to remediate the damage.

Thermal Camera Imaging

To perform our inspections we use thermal camera imaging. With thermal imaging we can identify water in walls, floors and ceilings. This helps us to determine the areas that can be damaged and where the source of the water is. The thermal imaging allows us to detect issues in a non-destructive way and show issues that cannot be viewed with the naked eye. We inspect the home for leaks that can lead to wood rot and mold in the home as well as electrical wires for hotspots that can lead to fires. Learn more about our thermal camera imaging.

Get a Professional Opinion

By having a professional home inspection you can protect yourself from problems in the future that will affect your home comfort and your wallet. Book a home inspection from Mr. Home Inspector and get the peace of mind that there are no issues lurking behind the walls.