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Heating Efficiency (Provided By Carson Dunlop)

High efficiency heating systems have become popular because they save fuel and, one would suppose, save money. But what do they mean when they talk about efficiency? What is furnace efficiency? Actually, there are two ways to measure it – steady state and seasonal. Steady State Efficiency Steady state efficiency refers to how much usable […]

Carbon Monoxide 101: Dangers, Symptoms, Home Sources & Detectors (Provided By Carson Dunlop)

WHAT IS CARBON MONOXIDE? CO is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. It is a by-product of incomplete combustion (unburned fuel such as gas, oil, wood, etc.) Low concentrations of CO can go undetected and can contribute to ongoing, unidentified illnesses. At high concentrations, it can be deadly. WHY IS IT DANGEROUS? If there is CO […]

Vermiculite Insulation 101 (Provided By Carson Dunlop)

What Is It? If you have never seen vermiculite insulating an attic, you may have seen it in potting soil. Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral worldwide. When heated rapidly to high temperatures, this crystalline mineral expands into low density, accordion-like, golden brown strands. In fact, its worm-like shape is what gives vermiculite its name. […]